Cross posting for Lydia... Help her get to Gencon!!!

Copied from her livejournal.

Lydia posted:

Greetings Folks!

This year, I went to 2 conventions, but barely scraped by on funds to do it. This year, I want to be ready - My first goal is to make enough art money to buy my table at GenCon. This will be my 3rd year, and I do not want to miss out!
If you are interested in art, or would like to buy something as a GIFT for a friend, you'll be helping me get to GenCon.
For this personal fundraiser, I am offering things at a pretty good price.

I will be making a specific page for available works soon, but in the meantime I will be uploading new images I do - and you can browse my deviantart gallery for most of my works.

I am also accepting commissions. I can of course, do any size/medium you like, but to make it easy I'm starting off with standard sizes and prices. The work tends to be mixed media, so I kept it to a simple 'B&W' or 'Color'. Any other specifications can be made later.
The 5" x 7" come with a frame. Shipping is included.

Small Commissions

If these aren't the specifications you want, send me an message through lydiaburris @ (minus the spaces) and we can work something out.

I also have the fun super secret donation art button!!!
you can donate any amount of $ (5 and above) and I will send you art based on the donation value or better!


(but you are allowed to send a hint)

AND NOW TO the most recent works! If you want something, let me know.

Innumerable Dragonflies
5" x 7" acrylic on cardboard paper (for the texture)
Available for $40 (includes shipping and frame)

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ART vs ART!!! Don't let this AWESOME painting die....

Yes, you may have seen this already through other online sources or email.



Lydia just participated in an event called ART vs. ART!
This is a DANGEROUS EVENT where some art WILL DIE!!!

Everyone participating has been given the same materials to paint a work of art -
and a maximum of 4 hours.
Then people vote online -
the top 32 pieces get voted in at the MAIN event - where only 16 of those will go HEAD TO HEAD in a BATTLE to the DEATH!!! (if said loser doesn't get auctioned)

The WHEEL OF DEATH determines the punishment, a chainsaw is favorite.

PLEASE check out -
ART vs. ART .com!
- and vote for your favorites -
We will be VERY HAPPY if one of your favorites is number 99!

Gencon Madness!!!

For those on my list who are local and may not know about this.

Here are the times of the afterparty for Gencon.

Gen Con 2009 DOWNTOWN INDIANAPOLIS The Midwest's LARGEST gaming convention!

Random Productions presents: THE AFTERPARTY! This year will be the best ever. ALL IN ONE SPOT!!

August 13, 14, 15 (thursday, friday, saturday)

@ THE UGLY MONKEY (blocks from the convention center)
373 S. Illinois Street, downtown Indianapolis

$3 cover EVERY NIGHT!
$3 strong Long Islands EVERY NIGHT!
$3 Bud Lights EVERY NIGHT!
(lowest drink prices on the gen con downtown strip!)


End: The DJ (Xenomorph Productions, Komor Komando, #1 industrial DJ in the world!)
DJ Sprite (Kinetic Chicago)
DJ Copper Top (Vendetta Music, Amalgam, Random Prod. Indianapolis)
DJ Krazy Karoline (Random Prod. Indianapolis)
DJ Zlaya (Random Prod. Indianapolis)
DJ Rony (Random Prod. Indianapolis)
DJ Jin-XS (Crash Indianapolis)
DJ Bad Faerie (Crash, Random Prod. Indianapolis)
DJ Sunny (UG Prod. Indianapolis)
DJ Gir (Crash Indianapolis)
DJ Micromachine (Crash Indianapolis)

I will be performing walk-around magic on Thursday night.


When it rains it pours...

But this time we are being showered with GREAT news. The first of which was, for those who missed it, Lydia won a residency to the Stutz for a year. This means that she will be given, free of charge, a studio in the famous Stutz building downtown to create and work in for a year. The Stutz is a big warehouse full of studios and shops and galleries featuring lots of great Indianapolis area artists. Today she found out that as of Aug. 24th she will be teaching an Art Appreciation class at Ivy Tech. This is sooooo incredible. And there is one more announcement of AMAZING news but we are waiting for clearance to publicly announce it. Which we just found out we do not at this time have so we will have to wait till it is publicly announced. Stay tuned!!! I am so proud of her!!!

What's new with me you ask?

Well my magic career is slowly starting to begin. I have a small part with a show in this years iNDYfRINGE Festival with good friend Taylor Martin called "Andrea Merlyn's Greatest Hits and Missus". I will post times of the shows in case any of my local friends would like to attend a performance or 2. I am very excited about this.

Here is a link to a blog review of our last rehearsal:

And here is a video preview:

Find more videos like this on Smaller Indiana

And Gencon is almost here. Lydia and her mom will have an art table in this year's art show. I will be helping with that. So make sure to come by and say hi and support the indy art.

Also I will be performing some walk around magic at the Gencon after party at the Ugly Monkey Thursday. We will be out at the party on Fri and Sat as well most likely and I will do some stuff then too. But officially Thurs is the night I am scheduled to appear.

Wow so much stuff.

Stay tuned more good things coming soon.
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Another shameless promotion of ART for sale....

Check out this one of a kind ORIGINAL painting from Lydia Burris. Mixed media - acrylic paint with collage text on a masonite panel with wood framed backing. Ready to hang.

Don't miss out! There is no reserve! STarting bid is only $150. This is a steal for this beautiful painting. It is way lower than what she woould charge for it at one of her shows.

Check out her other items while there.

She has a shop set up at Etsy as well for some smaller versions of her original work.

Here's one example of what you will find there.

Thanks for looking. Feel free to re-post.

25% off Original Artwork SALE!!!

My girlfriend Lydia, zyphryus posted on her live journal that she is having an ART SALE!!!

The next 5 people who purchase one of her small originals, gets it for 25% off. Nothing over $50!!! Comes framed and ready to hang. And again, the first 5 people to order take 25% off of the regular price.

Here are a few samples, click the link to see more.

Don't see anything you like? She also does commissions.


Helping promo some awesome artwork!!!

Posting this to help promote my wonderful girlfriend's art for sale.

Lydia did very well at the Halloween event last weekend. Thanks to all who bought stuff and stopped by the table. Here are some of the things she had for sale. Since there are no conventions coming up for awhile she wanted to give others a chance to get some of this cool stuff.

You know you want some. Really good for gifts. Christmas is coming up. Birthdays? Post halloween gifting?
here is a teaser.

See more behind the cutCollapse )

Buy any 2 magnets or any 5 bookmarks for $5! ($2.50 for shipping)
Some of the magnets are one-offs. She can also make magnets from requests.

Contact Lydia ( zyphryus @ about prints, originals, and COMMISSIONS!
She will do characters, portraits, monsters, pretty much whatever you desire!
THINK ABOUT CHRISTMAS GIFTS!!! You'd spend more on food or some fancy Walmart gift. Get a UNIQUE original work of art instead! :D

Also she will gladly accept donations. And for any amount of money, she will send you an original piece of art. (so long as its more than the postage!) The amount of thedonation will determine how much she sends/what she creates. It can even be a request, but then that would be a direct commission now wouldn't it?
If you like surprises, this button is for you.

You can also check out to see more samples of her work.

Thanks for checking it out.


Attention ALL Indianapolis gothic, industrial, freaky people...

Check out the newest LJ community to try to unite people of like minds.

I met the owner of this community last night at the Cruciform Injection show. Very cool.

Anywayz wanted to see if we can actually try to grow this community and see what happens. So join. Post. And lets see what happens. She talks about even wanting to organize outings and meet ups kind of like the good old days of the Indygoth Yahoo Group.

So if you're goth or into the darker side of life and music crawl out of your coffin, delurk from your shadow and check it out.

Here's the link: